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Rather than seeking to bring a sense of calm or perspective, Singh’s overheated remarks seek to demonize Canada and push the worst possible view of our country. Projection. The Shadow. These concepts in psychology are highly relevant for the moment Canada faces. Carl Jung’s insight was that the shadow — often described as the unconscious ‘dark-side’ of our personality — is regularly projected onto other groups, who then become objects of hatred. We can see this shadow in violent and horrific acts, such as what took place in London, Ontario. According to what police allege, the attacker was motivated by hate, and hate is often motivated by those who project all their negative impulses onto another group of people, and then feel some sort of sick ‘justification’ for committing horrible acts, becoming exactly what they thought they were fighting. At a less violent, but far more common level, we see projection in politics. You can see it on social media across the political spectrum. As of late, we often see it when someone on the left will make some sort of sexist or racist comment, and then quickly attribute it to ‘how Conservatives think.’

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