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Sadly, this was predictable. In a recent column, I wrote about how a guilt-ridden and demoralized Canada will be unable to stand up for ourselves. When the Conservatives raised concerns about China and Canada’s National Microbiology Lab, Justin Trudeau accused Conservatives of racism. Of course, that is similar to what the Chinese Communist Party itself claims, as they seek to silence criticism. China knows how to manipulate the West, and they know that accusations of racism will coerce many people into pathetic submission. They have also repeatedly claimed that Canada shouldn’t say anything about genocide in Xinjiang Province, due to Canada’s history of Residential Schools. Indeed, by claiming that Canada was committing genocide, Justin Trudeau played into those arguments. And now, Trudeau’s former representative in the Senate is making that argument explicitly, as he seeks to push back on a motion calling China’s actions in Xinjiang (which include forced sterilization, a million people in ‘reeducation camps,’ forced labour, and mass rape) a genocide. Senator Peter Harder called the motion “moral superiority and self-righteousness.”

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