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Kristian Andersen is a Scripps Institute virologist on a first-name basis with Dr. Anthony Fauci. So his January 31, 2020 email to the good doctor stating that some of the features of the COVID-19 virus “(potentially) look engineered” and that the genome is “inconsistent with expectations of evolutionary theory” garnered a lot of attention when the FOIA-requested emails were released last week. Skeptics noticed that he reversed himself two months later, and then — surprise! — he got a big grant from the NIH. Actually, he got five times more than $1.88 million, because that is the annual grant in a five-year grant program. No doubt, a coincidence. Speaking of coincidences, Dr. Andersen just deleted all his tweets prior to March 7, 2021 and claimed that it was an automatic process. Nothing to see here, of course. Move along.

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