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All through the process of pushing C-10 through, the Liberal government has acted with a guilty conscience, evading the truth and attempting to deceive Canadians. Politicians love to brag. They love to talk about how they’re helping ‘save everyone’ or ‘fixing’ every problem. So, when you see a politician, or an entire group of politicians in a government desperately try to ram something through, you can be certain they’re up to no good. With Bill C-10, we have long had suspicions that it’s all about controlling the internet, expanding government power, and seeking to silence critics. And those suspicions are completely confirmed, since they’re already silencing critics to try and ram it through. The Liberals are imposing a gag order in Parliament to end further debate on C-10, with Bloc support. The Liberals and Bloc voted in favour, giving the gag order 181 votes for, while the Conservatives and NDP voted against, with 147 MPs trying to stop it. “As expected, the Bill C-10 gag order passes 181-147 with Liberal and Bloc support. Committee limited to 5 more hours. This process to shut down committee work hasn’t been used in 20 years and never for this short period of time.”

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