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Portland, Oregon, has been one of the hotspots for political violence over the past few years, mostly due to the ongoing threat from violent left-wing group Antifa that has pretty much been granted free rein over the city, but also due to de-policing policies adopted in the wake of the police-involved death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd. Using racial unrest as an excuse, rioters have destroyed businesses and committed numerous crimes while the media insisted these were “mostly peaceful protests.” Now, The Washington Post has finally acknowledged, in a way, that this was the wrong narrative. An article by Post reporter Scott Wilson insists Portland had a good ol’ fashioned social justice movement that was simply “hijacked” by anarchists and violent criminals, ignoring that the movement had been full of those types since the beginning. The article doesn’t even mention Antifa’s role in the violence that has taken hold of Portland. Had the Post followed the work of journalist Andy Ngo, it would have known what has happened in Portland. But media outlets ignored Ngo or simply dismissed him as some sort of right-wing fabulist.

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