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The U.N.’s World Health Organization has made two unacceptable choices, given their human rights records, to serve on its executive committee: Syria and Belarus. That’s the same Syria, led by Bashar al-Assad, whose military bombed hospitals and allegedly launched chemical weapons attacks against its own people. Former President Donald Trump, who was loath to launch U.S. military strikes, nonetheless took action against the brutal Assad regime in April 2018. The airstrikes he ordered, working in conjunction with the United Kingdom and France, targeted the dictator’s chemical weapons capabilities, NBC News reported. “We are prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents,” Trump said at the time. Belarus made world headlines late last month when its government forced a commercial airline, by fighter jet escort, to land in its capital city of Minsk, claiming a credible bomb threat. There was no bomb on board. It was all a ruse used to arrest dissident journalist Roman Protasevich, a passenger on the flight.

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