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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau neglected to mention the 77th anniversary of D-Day during his Sunday proclamation commemorating Canadian Armed Services Day, but he did address “sexual misconduct and gender-based violence” in the military. “Today, we thank the brave members of the Canadian Armed Forces, past and present, for their tremendous courage, service, and sacrifice,” Trudeau began. “We owe them and their families a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.” “Canadian Armed Forces members serve our country in many capacities at home and throughout the world, representing our most cherished values of peace, freedom, and democracy. Every day, our military personnel contribute to international peace and security and defend our country, including by responding to natural disasters,” he continued. Trudeau went on to appreciate the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members who helped the country’s fight against COVID-19 through Operation VECTOR, which provides support to federal, provincial, and territorial governments for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, and Operation LASER, which also aimed to curb the spread of the pandemic throughout Canada.

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