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More than six months after the contentious 2020 election, some Republican lawmakers in North Carolina are asking questions about the state’s process for counting votes. The state General Assembly legislators want a closer look at how the process works, including a review of what took place last November, according to the Gateway Pundit. Republican state Rep. Jeff McNeely framed the inquiry as one in which legislators wanted to sift truth from fiction. “We are just trying to see if there are any legs to the rumors we hear about ballots and machines, we want to know if there is anything that could have been changed by the machines, we gave them a deadline to get back to us,” he said. “I believe the information in what we call the ‘hand to eye audits’ needs to be public, and we need to make sure those tallies match what the machines came up with, currently they are not public and they should be.” McNeely, a member of the North Carolina House Freedom Caucus, said there are concerns about some counties.

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