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Nearly a half-year into the Biden presidency, Americans are still waiting for the unity promised on Inauguration Day. The fires of racial tension are still stoked as Democrats divide the U.S. population along the lines of skin color — whether the casualties are Republicans or not. In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has refused to give interviews to white journalists, speaking blatant racism into existence to have only “black” or “brown” reporters interact with her. This comes mere months after Coca-Cola asked its employees to be “less white” to fight racism — as if being more racist is the way to do it. More recently, the liberal media has given a new name to anti-Semitism, scapegoating Israel for the Palestinian conflict and turning a blind eye to Hamas’ terrorism, simply because Jews and not Muslims are the victims. The Biden administration continues to lament “systemic racism” without defining it, while ignoring the flashpoints of division when they don’t suit the Democratic platform. Anti-white racism or anti-Semitic violence need not be condemned, according to “Moderate Joe,” since they don’t fit the left-wing narrative of victim-based identity politics.

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