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Urban Utilities has launched Australia’s first poo-powered SUV, expanding its fleet of cars fuelled by electricity generated by human waste. Aptly named ‘Number 2’, the new SUV — a Hyundai Kona Electric — is the second vehicle to join the Urban Utilities poo car line up. Urban Utilities spokesperson Anna Hartley said the car was the new ‘skid’ on the block. “Number 2 is not your average SUV — it’s an S-Poo-V, with a giant poo emoji emblazoned on the side so there’s no guessing what’s powering it,” she said. Ms Hartley said the power used to charge the SUV was produced when biogas from sewage treatment was fed into a cogeneration unit — a giant engine that generates electricity — at the Oxley wastewater treatment plant in Brisbane. “They might not realise it, but more than 330,000 people in Brisbane’s south and west are helping to create fuel for our poo-powered cars every time they flush,” she said Ms Hartley said turning poo into power was also saving Urban Utilities around $1.7 million a year in operating costs. “Last financial year we produced enough electricity to power the equivalent of nearly 4,000 homes for an entire year,” she said.

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