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The results of the 2020 census are in, and the Democrats are looking very nervous. It turns out that red states are growing and blue states are shrinking. Red States are gaining three congressional seats while blue states are losing three. In fact, California will lose a seat for the first time ever. Legislative and Electoral College power is shifting in favor of the Republicans. But the propaganda ministry is trying to convince us that this is all good news for the crime family that calls itself the Democrats. The narrative is that liberals are moving from blue states to red states and will eventually turn them blue. But as we’ve learned, if the talking heads are talking, they’re most likely lying. So, let’s examine what they’re saying. My home state of Idaho is a perfect example of this migration. It has experienced a 17% growth in its population over the past 10 years — the second highest in the nation (Utah was first). For most of the decade, the growth rate hovered around 1.5% annually. However, in 2020 the rate spiked to 2.9% — almost twice the normal rate. Does it have anything to do with California being nearby?

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