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“Panic” seems to be a way of life for Kamala Harris’s aides. Just this week, they were reported to have been in a “panic” at Kamala Harris being named Joe Biden’s border surge czar. Now they’re in an even bigger panic. That’s at the prospect of Kamala Harris being the Democrat presidential candidate in 2024. The proof was buried inside a vituperative left-wing editorial from the once-even-tempered Economist ( version here): Given the 78-year-old Mr Biden’s age, her elevation could be only three years off. And the election that would ensue — the Republicans’ worsening derangement suggests — may well be as crucial as the one just past. This raises the question of whether she has what it takes to rise above the right-wing slanders and appeal to middle America, as Barack Obama did, or whether she will be destroyed by them, as Hillary Clinton was. And it is making senior Democrats nervous. “Everyone is saying, ‘Oh God, Kamala is next and then we’re in trouble’,” says a Democrat close to the White House. “Everyone is saying, ‘Oh God, Kamala is next and then we’re in trouble'”?

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