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Black Lives Matter (BLM) has added another to its stack of recent losses. The self-described Marxist organization’s latest embarrassment comes from the Ontario Judicial Council (OJC), which on Wednesday dismissed a misconduct complaint against Judge Donald McLeod. Activists and academics affiliated with BLM’s Toronto chapter have been targeting McLeod — a trailblazing black Canadian judge from Toronto — for years. McLeod found his way into the far-left’s crosshairs because he dared advocate for black communities without bowing to the regressive political agenda promoted by the likes of BLM. This led to accusations that his work with community organizations such as the Federation of Black Canadians, which he helped found, made him an impartial arbiter. BLM-affiliated activists and academics also accused him of lying about his work serving black communities, which led to accusations of perjury based on his statements in a previous disciplinary hearing. McLeod’s detractors hoped to tarnish his reputation, so the OJC would see him as a liability. His detractors failed.

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