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Liberal MPs are filibustering committee meetings to avoid answering questions on their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and other matters prior to the end of the parliamentary session. According to the Globe and Mail, several committees have been delayed by Liberal committee members including the health committee and the defence committee. One request by opposition members for documents relating to the government’s handling of the pandemic only produced 8,400 items despite claims by the federal government that over a million relevant documents were flagged for the request. “Where are the other 992,000?” asked New Democrat MP Don Davies. During a recent health committee meeting, Liberal MPs filibustered a proposed schedule for the remaining seven meetings before the parliamentary session is over. Additionally, during a defence committee meeting, Liberal MPs pushed to block a chief aide to Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan from testifying. Similarly, a motion by the opposition to produce a report by June 9 was also delayed by the Liberals. The delay-tactics are in line with a trend by the Liberals to use the parliamentary process as a way to avoid accountability.

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