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Excessive money-printing, deficit spending, and a move towards a Universal Basic Income will all further destroy the incentive to work, produce, and achieve that has made our country successful. For all of our problems, Canada remains one of the wealthier countries on Earth. This is despite many years of incompetent government policy, a betrayal of Canadian workers by much of the elitist political and corporate class who sold off our manufacturing capacity to foreign countries like China, and the strangling of the Western Canadian energy sector. Even all of that has failed to completely ruin the country, because so much genuine productive effort went into building it up, and because many Canadians still work incredibly hard, even with their government standing in the way. In many ways we are driving on the fumes of the effort of past generations, who prioritized saving, investment, restraint, and tangible production. Our economy is increasingly a house of cards, built on the creation and movement of excessive money printing driving up the price of assets, rather than true productivity gains. We are borrowing from the future to continue consumption in the present.

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