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Who doesn’t like a nice car? Whether you go for a quirky VW Beetle, a fancy BMW, or a gigantic pick-up truck, taking to the road in a slick ride is just… Well, nice. But cars have a lot of history behind them, and not every car design through the ages has been a hit. Some have been ugly, others have been unpractical, and then there are some that are just… Bizarre. Of course, there are concept cars that are supposed to break conventions, but that’s not we’re interested in. Here are eight of the most mindboggling cars that actually saw mass production. Let’s start with a real classic – at least when it comes to hideous cars. The 1998 Fiat Multipla has won multiple awards for the ugliest car ever made. It’s easy to see why. Seriously, just look at that thing. What designer came up with this and thought, “Yeah, this is what we’re going to go with.” It just doesn’t seem like any two parts of this car were made to go together. From the weird fishbowl-like passenger compartment to that… Lip or whatever it is at the hood, the Multipla just exudes hideousness.

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