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According to new revelations from a Danish media outlet, the U.S. National Security Agency under the Barack Obama administration was using resources provided by Denmark’s intelligence agency to spy on European politicians. The investigation and subsequent news, known as the Dunhammer Report, followed details laid out in Edward Snowden’s Whistleblowing episode in which he uncovered the NSA’s abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act courts to spy on private citizens. The new revelations show the extent to NSA surveillance wasn’t only limited to U.S. citizens as it is now clear the agency was also spying on European politicians, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Previously in 2013, Merkel made it clear that the NSA spying on her would be unacceptable. This cooperation between the American and Danish intelligence agencies even escalated to the point where Denmark allowed the NSA to set up south of Copenhagen on the Island of Amager. In addition to Germany, elite government officials in France, Sweden and Norway were under surveillance as well. French President Emmanuel Macron responded to those reports on Monday.

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