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Young people in mainland China are adopting a growing movement called 躺平 (tang ping), which literally translates to lie down. Like many modern movements, it sprung from the Internet. The name of the movement originated from a now-deleted post on a popular Chinese forum site, Tieba. The author of the post said that he has happily not worked for more than two years. Instead, he has defined lie down, his philosophy for a carefree life. Communities based on the lie-down movement have begun to pop up on Chinese social media. One lie-down group on the Chinese social media platform Douban has around 6,000 members. The group has a post detailing 8 commandments as a lie-flat guide. The lie-down movement advocates against mainstream traditional aspirations such as work, career, marriage, friendships, child raising, and consumerism. Its basic creed is to spend less so you have to spend less time and energy working for money due to their fundamental belief that trying is pointless. CHINESE MEDIA CONDEMNS THE MOVEMENT. The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Bimonthly Talk magazine talked about this lying flat, whom they called the “squatting clan.”

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