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After being lionized in the press, and drawing in tens of millions of dollars from giant corporations desperate to prove their bona fides on the woke racial-grievances bandwagon, Black Lives Matter seems to be falling apart. That’s a pretty reasonable conclusion to reach, given there don’t seem to be any positive stories about the group coming out in the press anymore. They’re all tales of scandal, corruption, and exploitation, not surprising in an organization that’s been flooded with such a tidal wave of money and run by “trained Marxists.” There are a lot of these stories. It probably started with the mother of Breonna Taylor, a young woman who died in a police shooting, who criticized the organization for its exploitative ways. That may have surprised some people, but her argument was logical and believable: she said the organization not only did nothing to help the rest of Taylor’s family, but raised millions of dollars for itself through the use of her daughter’s name, while sharing none of its largesse. Classy. Then there were the mansions. Lots of mansions, with internet wags arguing that BLM stood for “buying large mansions.”

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