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Let’s take a look at some of the most bizarre things people have invented throughout the years. Just remember that these are all actual, genuine patents. More than 120 years ago, inventor James C. Boyle struggled with a dilemma. He wanted to be a courteous gentleman and appropriately tip his hat when greeting people, but he was also so lazy he couldn’t bother to lift his arms. Okay, we don’t know that, but we assume that was the case. That’s the only reasonable train of thought we can think for coming up with the saluting device. It’s a small wound-up mechanical device that sits between your hat and your head. When you want to salute someone, all you’ll have to do is bow your head. A weight shifts in the mechanism and activates it. The device will then tilt and rotate the hat for a well-mannered how-do-you-do. That’s a lot of effort put into avoiding a small arm movement. [Check out the article for the other 5 strange ideas.]

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