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The liberal media approached the latest outbreak of violence in the Middle East as a renewal of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, if not a return to the Arab-Israeli Wars of half a century ago. Former president George W. Bush, however, saw the situation for what it was. In an exclusive interview with Fox News on May 19, he correctly stated that what “you’re seeing playing out is Iranian influence targeted toward Israel.” The 4,000 rockets fired by the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists from Gaza were supplied by Iran along with a wide arsenal of other weapons (including attack drones), training, and money. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are just two of many insurgent groups the Tehran regime uses to project its power in the region. Hezb’allah, Iran’s largest paramilitary force, also took part in the current round of violence by firing rockets from Lebanon and Syria. Iran’s Quds Force controls these groups as it does a network of Shiite militias in Iraq and Yemen. Tehran’s strategy is to surround its enemies with insurgents who can harass and weaken them.

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