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Green Party of Canada Leader Annamie Paul says important climate legislation is failing to get the scrutiny it deserves because the Liberal government and NDP are ramming it through Parliament. Paul accuses the two sides of striking a deal to ensure the passage of Bill C-12, which promises more accountability around Canada’s goals to reduce its carbon-related emissions. If passed, the legislation would require Canada to set rolling, five-year targets to cut greenhouse gas pollution until 2050, the date Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has set for the country to achieve net-zero emissions. New Democrats pledged their support for the bill to get to the Senate after saying the government accepted its suggestions requiring it to do more reporting on the progress made up until 2030. The NDP has said the Liberal piece of legislation is too important to let fail and that climate accountability has been a priority since the leadership of the late Jack Layton. But Paul says the current bill falls short of similar measures other countries have put in place.

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