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Public transportation just got way cooler. Premium Swedish electric boat maker Candela has just unveiled the new Candela P-12, an electric hydrofoil water taxi. Designed to replace traditional diesel-powered ferries, the Candela P-12 uses an electric powertrain combined with a carbon fiber hull and hydrofoils to create a super-efficient drive system. The 8.5 meter (28 foot) water taxi can fit up to 12 passengers in its panoramic-view cabin. The P-12 also uses the same hydrofoil system already proven in the Candela C-7, the company’s luxury leisure electric boat. The hydrofoils actually lift the hull of the boat completely out of the water, resulting in the P-12 effectively flying over the surface. That offers a myriad of advantages, including less energy use, less noise, a smoother ride, and the ability to traverse waters without leaving a wake. As a result, the boat can travel faster in previously restricted areas where boat wakes could damage vessels or harm marine wildlife. The Candela P-12 can cruise at 30 knots (55 km/h or 34 mph), and has an autonomy of more than 2 hours at 20 knots (37 km/h or 23 mph).

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