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Through the presidential campaign, Joe Biden was clear: his son Hunter’s affairs in Ukraine were his own business and Biden had nothing to do with them. Like Sergeant Schultz, he knew nothing. Even when one of Hunter’s old partners, Tony Bobulinski, said Biden was absolutely involved in Hunter’s China business affairs, Biden continued to deny involvement. However, emails from Hunter’s abandoned computer show that, while Biden was vice president, he met the whole Russian and Ukraine cabal for dinner. In September 2019, the Democrats, as part of their endless efforts to oust Trump, charged that he committed an impeachable offense during the call. This faked charge stemmed from Trump asking Ukraine’s president to investigate Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma, which may have led to Biden extorting the new Ukraine government by threatening to withhold badly needed funds if it didn’t fire the prosecutor looking into Burisma. By attacking Trump, Democrats were desperately trying to divert attention from the fact that Biden is one of the most corrupt politicians in American political history, who used his drug-addled, debauched son as a conduit for payments from foreign governments.

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