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Justin Trudeau warned Conservatives that their concerns over the breaching of Canada’s sensitive medical facilities, could be fueling anti-Asian attitudes. Trudeau made the comments after Conservatives pressed the Liberals on the matter of the two Chinese scientists—Keding Chang and Xiangguo Qiu—who were suspended from the Virology Lab in Winnipeg in 2019, being fired with security clearances revoked soon after. Managers confirmed that the husband and wife had made visits to Wuhan, China in the past, which is home to the Wuhan Institute of Virology where many have speculated the COVID-19 virus had come from. After being pressed by MP Pierre Paul Hus in French, MP Michael Barrett would attempt to get answers from Trudeau in English, asking the speaker: “The prime minister should be able to say that scientists who are sponsored by the Chinese military and the Chinese government, will not be allowed into these facilities. So will the Prime Minister ditch the script, and ditch the woke talking points, and answer ‘yes or no,’ will he bar scientists that are sent here from the Chinese government and the Chinese military from accessing sensitive Canadian research facilities?”

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