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The PM knows Canadians (including many members of his own party) have decisively turned against his appeasement approach to China, and he’s playing the race card to deflect from that reality. In an outrageous move, Justin Trudeau has shown once again that he would rather demonize Canadians as ‘racists,’ rather than defend Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory from China’s Military influence: “In the House today, @CandiceBergenMP asked PM @JustinTrudeau about Canada’s work with Chinese military scientists at our most secure bio-lab in Winnipeg. He answered a different question. When she asked again, he cried racism. Then Bergen let him have it.” Trudeau also said the same thing when Erin O’Toole asked similar questions, showing this is a clear strategy on Trudeau’s part. He is trying to exploit the terrible rise in anti-Asian racism to silence criticism of the Chinese Communist Party and China’s effort to co-opt Canadian institutions. And yet, Trudeau’s strategy has been met with widespread ridicule. At this point, many people simply aren’t buying the act anymore.

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