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Freedom of thought and freedom of expression leads to a wide-ranging search for the truth. Suppressing that expression by only allowing ‘experts’ to have controversial opinions is dangerous and weakens our society. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a bewildering and whiplash-inducing set of reversals. Those reversals all had one thing in common: A ‘controversial’ opinion that couldn’t be expressed and was deemed a ‘conspiracy theory,’ only to then be widely embraced and become conventional wisdom once the ‘right experts’ talked about it. First, the danger of the virus itself was ‘controversial.’ While people like Yours Truly were saying it was something serious and that flights from China should have been banned, politicians and ‘public health experts’ were claiming it was ‘low-risk,’ that it wouldn’t spread much in Canada, that it would be contained, and that calls for border closures were ‘bigoted’ and an ‘overreaction.’ Of course, opinion than rapidly shifted, but only once those same politicians and public health officials reversed themselves. Then, anyone who thought the virus was low-risk was a ‘conspiracy theorist’ who was ‘killing people.’

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