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On Wednesday night, during coverage of the 2021 NHL playoffs, Ron MacLean made a quip that led to outrage on social media as it was perceived to be “homophobic.” A video of the joke with the caption “Fire Ron MacLean by Pride Month. Thanks.” had been viewed over 100,000 times on Twitter by the time of publication. Addressing analyst Kevin Bieksa while wrapping up a segment, MacLean said, “You have a photo of a man with his tarp off, you’re definitely positive for something.” After the comment, MacLean’s co-host Jennifer Botterill winced as MacLean tried to throw to commercial. The comment was interpreted by many on social media as a joke suggesting that Bieksa is attracted to men and has AIDS. Woke commenters on Twitter immediately called for MacLean to be removed from Hockey Night in Canada. “With today being about the fight for racial equality in the NHL, Ron MacLean saw it fit to perpetuate homophobia on national TV instead. Incredibly disappointing but honestly not surprising,” one Twitter user said. “Ron MacLean has contributed to hockey’s culture problem for decades, so this is unsurprising,” another wrote.

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