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Loudoun County in Virginia is sparking controversy by encouraging parents and students to report on other students’ “biases” through an anonymous form. Loudoun parents who recently formed themselves into a political action committee named “Fight for Schools” called the new, anonymous “Bias Reporting” form an “Orwellian move from Loudoun County Public Schools.” The committee of parents see the form as a symptom of cancel culture, saying it “asks students to anonymously cancel each other.” The form allows students to “denote if they wish to have the incident followed up at their respective school.” “The specific reason behind this action step is to utilize it as a means to amplify and elevate student voice,” claimed a Loudoun spokesperson, adding that a 2019 “Systemic Equity Assessment” had “revealed some students who felt marginalized or had experienced bias.” The group began a petition campaign earlier this month in order to remove six out of nine Loudoun county school board members who the PAC says are pushing critical race theory in schools. Interim Superintendent Scott Ziegler denied that critical race theory is being used as a “framework for staff to adhere to” in the county.

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