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I hope readers of this column enjoy the upcoming Victoria Day long weekend. After 15 gruelling months of complying with ever-changing public health orders, half-baked shelter-in-place guidelines and a failed COVID-19 strategy from our clueless politicians, Lord knows we all need the holiday. Aside from all that, this may be the very last Victoria Day long weekend. If the Woke left has its way, it will continue on its destructive trajectory of erasing our history, tearing down our institutions and cancelling anything or anyone that doesn’t meet its evolving dictates. Surely, Queen Victoria will not stand the test of time — according to the totalitarian standards of our progressive betters, that is. A Toronto District School Board campaign has already begun to rename Queen Victoria Public School, founded in 1887, citing “a racist legacy” and “systemically racist policies.” Without bothering to provide any specific examples of this so-called racist legacy, the TDSB simply claims it has a mandate to rename schools in order to “celebrate the diversity of Toronto.”

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