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Emily Wilder graduated from Stanford last year. At the beginning of May, she landed a job working for Associated Press. Two weeks later, she found herself fired because conservatives discovered her wildly pro-Palestinian social media activity while in college. She’s figured out that she was “canceled” but cannot grasp that this happened because conservatives have finally adopted leftist tactics. If one assumes that Wilder was a journalism major, she should have known better than to show herself a wild partisan in college. As it was, she so blatantly violated the AP’s requirement that its employees appear impartial (outside of their wildly biased writing, of course) that the AP immediately fired her. For at least a decade now, leftists have been using cancel culture to silence conservatives. At long last, conservatives are fighting fire with fire. Leftists will no longer be exulting in their cancel culture power. Instead, they’ll start figuring out that cancel culture can be used against them too. In other words, they’ll finally be getting burned by the same fire with which they’ve so blithely played for so long.

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