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Canada’s collaboration with China’s military researchers on deadly diseases is only the latest example of our nation being pathetically weak. If Canada has one defining characteristic these days, it would be weakness. It may not be ‘nice’ or politically correct to say it, but it is the reality we face. Over and over again, Canada shows we are a country that can be used and walked all over, without consequences. And for those who say this is because we are a ‘small nation,’ consider that countries with smaller populations — like Taiwan, Australia, Saudi Arabia — and others, manage to assert themselves with far more strength and influence than Canada despite being in tougher geopolitical situations. No, this isn’t about how big our country is in terms of population. It isn’t about our population being ‘small.’ Many Canadians almost instinctively shy away from any self-assertion or imposition of strength, and instead seek to make immediate concessions to ‘avoid conflict.’ Thus, we end up being a doormat, with other countries realizing that we don’t have what it takes to assert our interests or adhere to any cohesive sense of values.

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