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A government memo reveals that the amendments to the broadcasting act—which Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault has tried so vehemently to defend and paint as a bill that will only make web giants do their fair share—would have much more control over Canada’s internet than the Liberals would like you to think. The bill, which would give the CRTC sweeping new powers (the likes of which have no comparison in other first world democracies) has been condemned by the likes of former CRTC vice-president Peter Menzies, who rightly described the bill as an “assault” on internet freedom and democracy. That description now seems more apt with a new memo—originally reported on by Anja Karadeglija for the Ottawa Citizen—as it describes the exact lengths that this bill intends to go. Websites that are mentioned in the government memo include video sites, online broadcasters, sports streaming services and music streaming. This goes so far beyond the Trudeau Liberals’ description of a means to make web giants do their part, that it is of even more concern that only one major party plans to vote the bill down in its entirety.

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