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Stop calling it January 6th. The riot at the Capitol was a slovenly mess. By turns it was a violent street clash, but also a peaceful protest with police permission, it featured justifiably frightened lawmakers, but also silly selfies and ridiculous outfits. A woman tragically died, but not at the hands of protestors. What the incident was not however, no matter how many people say so, was any serious threat to United States of America. And that is why some grand austere commission to study it is not even remotely needed. 9/11, December 7th, and June 6th. These are dates etched into the American memory. That is because the attack on the WTC, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the invasion of Normandy were world altering events. The cosplay at the Capitol altered nothing about our society or political moment. No matter how hard Democrats and too many Republicans tried to make it a tidal sea change that would leave Donald Trump and his supporters high and dry, that simply did not happen. Insisting that this event was a major turning point in history doesn’t make it so. It obviously wasn’t the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War,” as Joe Biden pathetically claimed.

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