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And it’s going against what people want. Canada is the world’s second largest country. We have a larger land mass than the United States, China, India, and Brazil. The only country bigger than ours is Russia, with a population of 144 million people. By contrast, Canada has a population of 37.5 million. In short, of all the big landmass countries on Earth, we have the smallest population. Canada is — literally — almost all empty space. And while much of the country is indeed quite cold, there are huge swaths even in the ‘denser’ southern regions where there is lots of empty space. Just consider the span from Winnipeg to Brandon. In the US, a ‘major’ city and a smaller city would have a large amount of population in between, whereas in Manitoba there is very little. And in colder parts of the country, we still have the ability to build and expand towns and cities. All of this is to say there is no excuse for Canada to have any housing market problems. And yet, a new Bloomberg article talks about Canada’s insane housing market, and says we are ‘running out of land.’

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