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Author and host Liz Wheeler, known for her in-depth reporting, announced Wednesday the launch of her new podcast, “The Liz Wheeler Show.” The show, set to premiere on May 25, promises to go where the mainstream media doesn’t want Americans to go. Wheeler will unapologetically delivered the well-researched truth, focusing on our culture — or as the conservative noted, “what’s left of it.” The podcast feels personal and urgent to Wheeler, a new mother herself. “Ever since the election, the Left is making a concerted effort to put us back on defense,” Wheeler told The Daily Wire. “The audience that watches my videos and will listen to my show need unfiltered reality, not the twisted lies of the radical Left.” Wheeler emphasized that she’s launching the show to help put conservatives on offense in the culture war. “I’m launching ‘The Liz Wheeler Show’ because it’s time to fight back against the radical leftist assault on reality and do something,” she said. “We can’t let the Left lull us into being squishes. Our culture is in critical condition. We can’t play defense any longer. We can’t be afraid.”

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