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Venture capitalists Peter Thiel and J.D. Vance, author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” are reportedly investing in Rumble, an alternative to YouTube that is popular among conservatives. As The Wall Street Journal reported, Narya Capital is the Cincinnati-based venture capital fund leading the investment. Narya was co-founded by Vance and Colin Greenspon, and by Thiel, who is also a Narya investor, “in a personal capacity.” The amount of money in the deal was not shared, but a source familiar with the deal told the Journal that the investment was significant. Others close to the matter said it values Rumble at about $500 million. The deal was finished last week and announced on Wednesday, Rumble Chief Executive Chris Pavlovski told The Hill. “The purpose of the investment is to expand the rumble video platform and the service offerings for it. Allow us to go after different markets and expand into other markets,” especially non-English based markets, Pavolvski said, per the outlet. Rumble is a social media platform that has gained attention from conservatives as left-leaning sites crack down on free speech in a discriminatory manner that excludes those who disagree with them.

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