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If Quebec can do it, everyone can, right? When Quebec proposed unilaterally amending the Constitution in Bill 96, many assumed it was simply an aggressive assertion of power, rather than something that would actually take place. But, what Quebec wants, Quebec seems to get. And now, Justin Trudeau has said Quebec can indeed unilaterally amend the constitution: “Trudeau says govt’s initial assessment is that Quebec can unilaterally amend the constitution as @francoislegault proposes in #bill96” So, just like that, Quebec appears closer to having the power to change the constitution, without the input of any other province. As you can imagine, this is generating outrage: “Let’s start making amendments for the western provinces while we’re at it.” “In my happiest dreams,@PremierScottMoe calls a conference of Western Premiers to fully explore the idea of re-confederating into something better in the Land of Spring. Canada has no sense of itself, certainly not in the way we do. Maybe Ontario would join.” While Trudeau’s instant surrender isn’t a surprise, I don’t think it makes sense to direct anger at Quebec here.

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