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The facts don’t support the Palestinian narrative, so new “facts” have to be manufactured. A supporter of the Palestinian jihad against Israel tweeted Thursday: “Israel is now using white phosphorus on the city of Beit Hanoun in Palestine! It can burn human flesh until it reaches to the bones. White phosphorus is prohibited globally and it’s been considered as a war crime!” Included was a gruesome photo of a woman whose hair had been partially burned off and her face severely burned as well. There was just one minor detail that the tweet omitted to mention: the photo was not from Gaza in May 2021, but from Afghanistan in 2009. If the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were really as brutal and inhumane as the international media and supporters of the Palestinian jihad (not that there is any significant difference between those two groups) claim, it ought to be easy to find evidence of Israeli atrocities. Instead, such enormities are so thin on the ground that they have to be manufactured in order to shore up the Palestinians’ tenuous (at best) claim to victim status.

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