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Conservative podcast host Steven Crowder was hit with a two-week ban on YouTube over a video he posted concerning the fatal shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, a Columbus teen who was engaged in an attempted stabbing of another black girl when police took action. The video, which has since been removed from YouTube, can be listened to via podcast. Crowder and others argue on the show that the shooting was justified, as some experts have agreed. YouTube is claiming that the content violated their harassment, threats, and cyberbullying policy. The Big Tech company hit Crowder with a second so-called “hard strike,” effectively banning the conservative from posting content to the YouTube channel for two weeks. After listening to the content, it remains unclear what was considered “mocking.” At one point in the video, Crowder speculates that Bryant, though a minor, weighed about 230 pounds, emphasizing his position that the fatal shot from the Columbus officer was justified, not mocking Bryant. For the relatively mild content in the video, even the benign mention of weight, to trigger a “hard strike” from YouTube seems entirely inconsistent with the company’s application of their policies.

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