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Erin O’Toole announced on Thursday that is is calling on Justin Trudeau to withdraw Bill C-10, the controversial social media censorship bill. If the bill is not repealed, O’Toole pledged to repeal it if elected. A statement by O’Toole reads: “In a democratic society, abuses of power and authority can and should be called out without fear of retribution. Social media has rapidly become the platform for this purpose, from cellphone videos of interactions with police to social media posts by survivors of sexual assault and harassment leading to the #MeToo movement. But in the midst of a pandemic, while Canadians are stuck at home and relying on social media for information, connectivity, and entertainment more than ever before, the Liberal government is quietly moving to radically change how Canadians use the internet. In a society that values freedom of speech and expression, Bill C-10 leaves the door open for a massive abuse of power on the rights of Canadians.” The bill has drawn harsh criticism from across the political spectrum with multiple experts voicing serious concerns over its potential violations of freedom of speech.

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