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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Conservative critics of Bill C-10 of playing into “conspiracy theories” for having concerns about the legislation’s impacts on freedom of expression. Trudeau made the comments during an exchange with Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre during Question Period on Wednesday. “The prime minister would like to pass a bill that would allow his Canadiana czar to determine what is Canadian enough. That czar would be able to manipulate algorithms to decide what people see when they open up their various online platforms. So this czar is going to have so much power, can the prime minister tell us who in fact this czar will be?” asked Poilievre. Poilievre was referencing a CTV News interview in which Liberal Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault said a “body of experts” at the Canadian Radio‑television and Telecommunications (CRTC) would determine what specific content would be regulated. “Once again Conservatives demonstrate that they have no understanding and no appreciation of the Canadian cultural industry,” replied Trudeau.

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