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Parliament voted 176-155 in favour of cutting debate on a bill that would greatly expand Canada’s mail-in voting system for any future election, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. The legislation, titled Bill C-19, would change the one-day format to a three-day polling period from Saturday to Monday, giving voters eight hours per-day on the weekend to submit their ballots, and a 12-hour window on the final day of voting. The bill aims to decrease queues at polling stations that would put people in close contact with one another. Conservative, Green, and Bloc MPs all voiced their concerns over debate on the bill being shut down. Conservative MP Warren Steinley asked, “If the government does not want a pandemic election, what is the big desire to rush this bill through now?” “I am very disappointed,” said Green MP Elizabeth May. “Clearly all parties in this place have said publicly we do not want a federal election in a pandemic, but we want the best possible legislation in case that happens by accident,” said MP May. “Pushing this through with such limited time for debate does not meet the standards I expect of the Liberal government.”

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