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The White House Press Corps is frustrated with the Biden administration’s requirement that all quotes used in press pieces receive approval before publication. According to POLITICO, the White House communications team must have the “opportunity to edit” what administration officials say in quotes used in a story. It’s a term that’s been dubbed “background with quote approval,” something that at least five reporters from various outlets, outside of POLITICO, confirmed to be the case. “In practice, that means the information from an interview can be used in the story, but in order for the person’s name to be attached to a quote, the reporter must transcribe the quotes they want and then send them to the communications team to approve, veto or edit them,” the outlet explained. The practice reportedly took place under the Obama and Trump administrations, although “Trump’s team did so less frequently than Biden’s team.” It’s a practice that has left the White House Press Corps fuming. “The rule treats them like coddled Capitol Hill pages and that’s not who they are or the protections they deserve,” one reporter told POLITICO.

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