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With fighting between Israel and terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip once more rocking the region, Israelis and the world are again seeing the incredible Iron Dome technology in effect. Unfortunately, innocent Gazans are paying the price for the efforts of Hamas and others to circumvent Israel’s miraculous defensive technology. The recent outbreak of fighting, triggered in part by recent tension over proposed expansion of Israeli neighborhoods in Jerusalem, has seen massive volleys of rockets fired at Israeli civilian areas — more than one thousand in the first 48 hours of the fighting, according to the Israeli military. It seems almost quaint to note that indiscriminate attacks on civilians is a war crime. Everyone knows it is, no one seems to care much when the target is Israelis. Israel claims it negates 90 per cent of what it attempts to shoot down — the rockets or artillery shells that are actually heading toward a target of value. Though impossible to verify, we’ve all seen the astonishing videos of swarms of Gazan rockets exploding in mid-air, wiped out en masse by Iron Dome. In a briefing to the media on Wednesday, Israeli officials said that Iron Dome is still working with about 90-per-cent effectiveness. That’s obviously good news for Israel, for as long as their ammunition stockpile holds out — Hamas may well have more dumb, homemade rockets than Israel has hyper-sophisticated missiles to shoot them down. Israel will work hard to destroy as many launch sites as possible, preferably with air strikes from jets or drones, and if necessary, a ground invasion (though Israeli officials said on Wednesday that no ground invasion was planned at this point).

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