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When does the left go too far? University of Toronto clinical psychologist and public intellectual Dr. Jordan B. Peterson makes the point that our society needs a balance between left and right wing ideas. He also warns that both sides have the capacity to go too far. This played out during the 20th century, when horrific acts of depravity characterized the far-right in Nazi Germany and the far-left under Stalin, Mao, Pol Pots and other communist dictators. Our society today is acutely aware when the right crosses the line, according to Petersen, but we have a blindspot for acknowledging when the left goes too far. “We’ve kind of figured out when the right-wingers go too far. Right-wing identity politics devolves into claims of ethnic and racial superiority,” said Peterson in a 2018 interview. “When do the left wingers go too far? Well, first of all we certainly know that they can go too far,” said Peterson, noting that those who ignore the far-left are either “woefully ignorant or you’re willfully blind.” A perfect example of the blindspot for left-wing extremism appears to be the case in the Trudeau government’s compiling of Canada’s list of banned terrorist entities.

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