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Queen’s University professors Margaret Walker and Robin Attas wrote a guest editorial for the Canadian Music Society, in which they argue for “decolonizing” music. In their editorial, addressed “to all who should be concerned,” the co-authors argue that Canada’s music education systems contain “white supremacist and settler colonial structures.” “As the continuation of anti-black and anti-Indigenous violence of the past months, years and lifetimes has made evident, the time has ended for further working groups and “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion recommendation committees on how we as educators across all scholarly disciplines must work toward systemic forms of change that are decolonial and anti-racist,” they write. In a section labeled “Instructions for structural change,” the pair write that the current configuration of entrance requirements, including the “entrance audition,” are “white supremacist forms of gate-keeping.” Other “white supremacist” structures include “learning scales,” which they say “perpetuate and solidify the hegemony of Euro-American repertoire, music history, and analysis.”

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