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Internet fads and memes are usually pretty harmless, but sometimes they cross into genuinely dangerous territory. For example, take the Tide Pod eating thing that plagued social media some time back. But this latest thing leaves Tide Pods in the dust. It’s not only potentially more dangerous, but also infinitely more disgusting. Apparently, some people have gotten it in their heads that it’s a good idea to eat raw spoiled meat. And we’re not talking about a steak that went old a couple days ago, either – this is about meat that’s in advanced stages of decomposition. We’re talking about meat that’s green and brown and swarming with bacterial colonies. You know, the genuinely rotten stuff that wouldn’t look out of place on a death metal album cover. Some of these people claim that they just prefer their meat a little bit decomposed. They say that it just tastes better that way. But other are after a special kind of high that you can supposedly get from this “high meat,” as they call it. Reportedly, the rotten meat produces a sense of euphoria after consumption.

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