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The most relentless slander the Democrats leveled against President Trump was that he was a racist. Any person with marginal intelligence looking at the record knew this was a lie but the Democrats, thanks to their media lackeys, made it stick. Their promise was that international relationships with the non-racist Biden-Harris administration would be so much better. When Biden gave Kamala “Ms. Diversity” Harris responsibility for dealing with the southern border, they celebrated. Six weeks into that brief, though, Harris’s first act was to offend and incense the Mexican president. Ruh-roh! One of the most baffling things for the Democrats was the fact that, even as they railed against Trump for being abnormal and offensive, foreign leaders got along with him very well. Chief among those was Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (aka AMLO). He and Trump quickly entered into an agreement that saw Mexico hold on to illegal aliens until their hearings in the U.S. could take place. In exchange, Trump helped AMLO control the cartels and criminality at the border. It was a win-win.

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