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Liberal MP Ryan Turnbull admitted that the Trudeau government has been “behind the curve” in the fight against COVID. Quoting Executive Director and WHO Health Emergencies Program Dr. Michael Ryan, Turnbull said that Canada “can’t afford to be staring in the rear-view mirror.” “We need to be ahead of the curve of this pandemic,” he said. “Curve after curve, wave after wave, we as Canadians have been behind. We’re not in front of this. And Dr. Duncan said this so elegantly, but I believe it wholeheartedly, too. We are behind the curve every time. We need to move faster.” Liberal MP Ryan Turnbull: “Curve after curve, wave after wave, we as Canadians have been behind… We are behind the curve every time.” But remember, Trudeau told all of us that he has absolutely no regrets over how he’s handled the pandemic. Turnbull had previously suggested criminal charges for provincial officials who lift lockdown measures. While Turnbull can admit that the Liberals have not met expectations, the prime minister cannot. During a press conference on April 21, Trudeau said that he had no regrets over his government’s handling of the procurement and rollout of vaccines.

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